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I feel best when I'm in service to others, so thank you for being here. Can you imagine a world where every human being evolves from compulsive to mindful living? I can. Simply put, my purpose is people and my passion is serving them on their journey to mindfulness!  The result of living mindful is peak performace in every aspect of our lives, and I'm here to help you reach that peak!


In an unconventional way, by perfect design I feel I've always been a coach - at a young age I was leading my peers, seeking deeper meaning, and uplifting those around me.  Amidst the personal chaos, traumas, and limiting beliefs I've always found the best version of myself through sharing or supporting others.  I believe all our energies are intertwined and we all have a lot more in common than we think, once we slow down and take off our masks.


Coach Meaghan


  • Jay Shetty Certified Life Coach

  • Association for Coaching


& that's Petey Bub


Life without me is like looking at a dirty mirror; you can still see your reflection but the vision is just blurred.  Working with me, I help clear the dust, open up your eyes to blind spots, and hold the clean mirror up so new light can shine in.


My Story

In July 2021, I had a radical event that changed my life. One day my body said, "No more, Meaghan.  No more living out of alignment, we can't take this any longer."  And it was through the experience of living a life that wasn't meant for me did I begin (officially) my Coaching journey.  My body physically shut down for about 10 hours and forced me to reconcile with my purpose.  My body began to recover and heal itself once I decided that I was no longer going to fight living outside of alignment with my purpose for people.  So yeah, I'm glad you're here!


Every human being wants to live a full life-- happy, healthy and wealthy. We share these same aspirations though we may not share the same definitions or recipes for success in those respective pursuits.


However, for most of us, the life we aspire to seems unattainable. We feel stuck and powerless because we are oblivious to the compulsive habits and unconscious thought patterns that control and shape our lives. And since we lack awareness, we blame ourselves for being uniquely flawed, others for falling short of our expectations, or the Universe for working against us.


But to live the life we aspire to, we first have to take full responsibility for it. 


Responsibility isn’t about taking or properly assigning blame, nor is it about figuring it out or doing it all on our own. Responsibility is about owning the power to transform our lives into whatever we want, which often includes asking for help. It’s about accepting that regardless of what happens in our lives, and who or what is to blame, it doesn’t free us from having to find a response. 


Life changes the day we choose to take radical responsibility for ours. That’s what it means to live mindfully.


So my mission as a Performance and Mindset coach is to help people live more mindfully so they can perform at their best in every aspect of their lives. I want to empower them by increasing their circle of responsibility, to include things they currently think are beyond their control, and by giving them the tools they need to transform their lives. 


Ultimately, my purpose is to help shift human consciousness. And my vision, a world where every human being evolves from compulsive to mindful living.



Let's change your life.

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