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Joyful Discontent

Updated: Aug 14, 2022

There is no end, there just is. Given our human nature, we are always in quest; of a greater sense of Knowingness or Being, or in fulfilling our purpose or living out our passion.

This shows up in every aspect of our lives; family and relationships, career, spirituality, personal/social, and health. We enter this journey both consciously and unconsciously - in some ways, society imposes this idea that we should be seeking more. Namely in the areas of career, family/relationships, and personal/social, it’s my opinion that the quest for higher or more in these areas is unconscious. Meaning, that it is not necessarily in our essence to desire more, it’s a mere standard of life (imposed on us). Spirituality and health are areas typically seen as consciously seeking a higher height. Knowing the interconnectedness of everything, we seek “enlightenment” in our spiritual lives, and this trickles into our health, personal, family & relationships, and careers.

I digress. We are all on a journey to fulfill a vision of a higher version of ourselves; regardless of the area of life.

The trickery lies in the belief that once we reach this desired destination, everything will be joyous and seemingly sort itself out. There is no "IF-THEN" statement for contentment, we aren’t machine learning bots.

Happiness doesn’t appear as the byproduct of reaching the destination: Happiness is the journey and is created throughout the everlasting journey of life. There is no end. The dream, the goal, the someday, doesn’t exist (as an endpoint). Once achieved, the quest for elevation begins.

Allow the idea of joyful discontent to serve as a reminder to us that there is no end, there simply is. We are always on a quest, might as well make it full of joy! So joyful discontent is about creating joy in this present moment, as it is. And once that joy is cultivated, it becomes about the quest to access the next level of abundance.

This is not the end.

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