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When We Don't Ask, The Answer Is Always No

The creative process, hell, the entire process of life is beyond us. That’s both freeing and scary as shit at the same time. But let’s just focus on the creative process.

Mark Twain taught us that ideas are not original; that we merely recycle (for lack of a better term) old ideas and try them on with a new lens. I believe ideas are energy, just as humans are energy. Elizabeth Gilbert suggests, “Ideas have no material body, but they do have consciousness and they most certainly have will(power) ."

Okay, Meaghan, enough woo woo, where are we going with this?

Last week, I was blessed with the opportunity to be a willing and open human to an idea, except this idea needed two of us. As we know, I’ve transitioned into coaching from software, and before software, I was a personal trainer. Coming back into the wellness world, this time, working in the mind gym, I had thought early in the week, “hmm I should get back into the fitness space.” As with all thoughts, this one was fleeting. No action was taken, nothing was done to capture this idea and create something of it.

Then came the second human, willing to raise their hand and ask for help. In turn, allowing the possibility for the solution to exist! This idea needed both of us to actualize in our human reality.

A very special client from my personal training days reached out to me via text informing me that she went to the gym the evening prior and is reaching out to request my “services”. We chatted on the phone that evening and I committed to supporting her in becoming reacquainted with the “gym” but more importantly, reacclimate into life with movement.

Energy doesn’t know linguistics, it knows feeling. She felt something, I felt something: Our energies required each other to seize this idea and welcome it into the human experience.

The point: ideas are floating around in the Universe just as all other energic beings. There might not always be clear signs and pathways to connect with these ideas, ensuring they take form. Just as it's not up to us to realize the impact we have. It's in being conscious of each moment we are gifted that we must be responsible for, the rest will sort itself out. Grabbing and idea from the Universe takes more than a mere thought.

From her perspective, or even outside looking in, it appears as though I’m helping her: creating a program, driving an hour to meet her at the gym, accountability, and check in texts, etc. From my vantage point, she’s helping me: get my feet wet in the fitness industry, create a FULL BLOWN mind/body/spirit program, and relearn the vast array of fitness levels.

Had she not reached out; the potentiality of me acting on this thought would look different, possibly nonexistent. Had she not reached out; the potentiality of her rediscovering life with movement would look different and possibly not exist as well.

The possibility I’m creating with an old client becoming a new client is a FULL BLOWN PACKAGE. Mental/Spiritual/Physical options as one together or segments of each other within my coaching options. I will not limit myself to just mindset and wellness coaching that expresses the value of physical fitness, I will offer physical services as well for my clients. Stay tuned, more options are on the horizon!

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