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Happiness is a Choice

Someone asked me recently, “What is one thing you wish more people understood?”.

My response, “That happiness is a choice”.

Oftentimes, we misconstrue happiness as being something out “THERE” like one day it’ll happen to us - the stars will align and voila! “I’m happy!”

This couldn’t be further from the truth. Happiness is cultivated, practiced, and curated with every moment that we are welcomed by. We are the source of it: It emerges from within, it varies, and it’s not constant nor permanent, just as anything else.

I don’t just wake up each day and feel fucking fantastic. It’s work. Very hard work, some days. Others I can access it with a bit more ease. Either way, it’s work; every second of every day.

We must be aware of the thoughts we attach to, allow to be prominent in our minds, and give meaning to.

It is our responsibility to choose thoughts that serve us, participate in activities that feel joyful, practice mindfulness, and cultivate an environment that supports our highest good.

Happiness is a choice not a destination; it’s up to us to create it.

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