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Reclaim Your Power

The experience of change, especially at a rapid rate, often allows for fear to percolate in. Then we unknowingly seek control in areas of our lives that are external: Only to cause more inner turmoil.

Recently, I’ve experienced many changes in my life: my mothers health, completing school, quitting my VERY secure job, starting my own business, all while starting a new job (to help keep me afloat financially).

Throughout these changes, I was looking to control something other than myself, my thoughts, and my actions. Honestly, (I’m not proud but it’s a safe space here) I was trying to control someone. Thankfully, they are centered enough to see what was happening and separate how I was treating them from who I am. I was operating in fear, not in confidence. Everything I was doing was a sign that I was out of alignment because I could literally feel how “off” I felt.

“Tripping over myself” is the way I’m able to best describe being out of alignment. Key indicators to knowing when we are out of alignment:

- Being indecisive

- completing tasks (external) with no progress being made (internal growth)

- irrationally being upset with the ones we love most (in my case Petey)

- isolating ourselves from the people and things we enjoy most

Eventually, I was able to align with my purpose and gain clarity around what was happening. By abdicating responsibility for my fear of failure, I was relinquishing my power to someone else.

In other words, when we excuse ourselves from taking responsibility for our fears (thinking they are externally imposed on us) we also excuse ourselves from being responsible for love, health, self-fulfillment, and happiness. We give power to others by living into our fears; ultimately disrupting inner peace.

When we realign with our purpose, we re-align with our power. Recalim your throne by taking radical responsibility for yourself.

It just so happens that my purpose is serving people and my power is my responsibility.

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