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It's not Me, it's You

We have the ability within us to shift our perspective and put on a new lens to see how life occurs and yet somehow, we don’t always do that.

I am the Queen of ignoring the whispers of the Universe and waiting until She finally screams at me before I listen. I’m not proud of it, in fact, pride is typically my block. Something that helps me move forward with Lifes' uncomfortable situations (The Universes’ screams) is my power to choose.

Circumstances, events, environments, basically anything outside of us are never really outside of us, they are the manifestation of what we are aligning with; regardless of whether we (choose) to see it this way or not. These happenings exist not by chance but rather by kinesthetic wavelengths; however, we typically choose to see them as chance. Why? Because seeing it as a chance removes the responsibility that we created it or were the cause in the matter.

What if I told you though, that you ARE the cause in the matter and you CAN choose to make everything work FOR you. It’s not easy, there is no simple recipe, and believe me, I haven't gotten this shit nailed down. I just know that when I listen to the Universes’ screams, and even Her whispers, I’m happier: Life occurs to me as blissful, I feel at peace, and I’m able to surrender to the happenings around me.

Okay, Meaghan, what are you getting at?

What I’m getting at is; that we have the ability to see each event in our lives as existing for our highest good. When things just don’t seem to be working out how we might expect them to, or want them to, it’s likely because we are resisting the gifts of the Universe. She’s gently letting us know this is out of alignment, or giving us exactly what we are asking for (not what we think we are asking for).

If we can believe that “things just aren’t working out” then why can’t we believe that “everything is working for me”?

We make up stories and spoon-feed them to ourselves out of desperation for comfort, but there’s no resolve, doing this keeps us stuck and in a victim mindset. The resolution is when we stop resisting the patterns of the Universe, accept the challenges and hardships as pivotal lessons, and see them as triggers to turn inward. And while we are inward, we must get uncomfortable and ask ourselves the hard questions:

“what do you need?”, “How are you feeling today, honestly?”, “Why am I resisting

what serves me?”, “what about this story made me feel better and why did I choose to

believe it? What is lacking that I need to find within myself?” , “What do you want?”

Self inquisition is daunting because it drives us to admit our shortcomings; and by falsely protecting ourselves (choosing comfort), we believe the blame belongs elsewhere. Except that only leaves us in misery. The work is hard and since it’s hard, it’s worth it.

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